Technologies:  Smart Materials
What are Intelligent Materials?
A Material or System that can adapt to different environmental conditions. There is a coupling between a physical property and the motion or response of the material.
Selection of Intelligent Materials
Piezoelectric Shape Memory Alloys ER / MR Fluids


  Most commonly used   Large stroke can be
  Typically employed in
     isolators or valves
  Temperature Independent   Highly temperature
  MR fluids are more stable
     than ER Fluids
  Available in fiber, ceramic
     and crystal
  Relatively inexpensive
     ( in wire format)
  Low voltage power needed
     for MR fluids
  Good for dynamic
     conditions (> 1 Hz)
  Good for DC conditions
     (< 1 HZ )
  High yield stress
  High Force can be
     achieved with a stack
  Slow response (> 1 msec)   Designed and contained
     in a device
  Fast Response (<1 msec)     Have been implemented in
     automotive applications

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