Applications:  Sporting Goods
Approach:  Innovation is critical to the success of sporting goods manufacturers.  Innovation leads to product differentiation, larger market share and establishment of technology leadership. The design cycles are very short, and new, innovative products have to roll out quickly before the competition.  Through our years of experience in this field, we understand that in order for a new technology to be successful in the sporting goods market, it has to be effective and it has to be easily understandable to the consumer. Vibration-X can provide a suite of customized solutions in materials and technologies:
Materials Technologies

Viscoelastic materials

Vibration reduction Increased comfort

Piezoelectric materials

     Actuation Mechanisms

Shape memory alloys

Energy generation Heating              

Magneto-rehological fluids

Additionally, we have vast expertise in the research, design, testing, manufacturing and marketing of sporting goods.


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